No.1 Naeplace

British council Cityscapers project 2008LowRes_No1-NaePlace_JCooper




Project continuations at Sight hill flats


2 thoughts on “No.1 Naeplace

  1. Hi Jamie
    Im a friend of Hugh Loney (artist in Irvine)
    He is trying to get in touch with you but he’s lost your number. Any chance you could send me your number and I’ll pass it on. Thanks
    Sue. 07419 112209 if thats easier.
    PS Fascinating stuff on your website
    PPS I am not a robot. Never was, never will be.


    1. Hi Sue,

      Thanks for getting in touch, I’m glad ur not a robot but I do like robots too as it happens.
      Cool u found the website fascinating, always good to have feedback!
      My number is 07792921103….pretty sure I have Hugh’s number still so I mibi just drop him a message.


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