Speaking in tongues

New video and Billboard work shown as part of Last Futures, Tramway –

Click here for Video Tutorial

March 2018Junk_DNA_alphabet_webImage – Junk DNA Alphabet digital print

_MG_5250 copy

Installation view

_MG_4713 copy

Installation view comprising: Yoga mat screen printed with Junk DNA Alphabet, TV suspended overhead, headphones, Pillow, Junk DNA Billboard

_MG_5237 copy

Installation view

_MG_4716 copy

View of TV from Yoga mat

_MG_5282 copy

Zine table including Zerozine 4 (bottom left)

Drawing on the science fictional X-Men theme of mutation, the Junk DNA alphabet is a language mutation.

David Graeber put it;

the ultimate hidden truth of the world is that it is something we make, and could just as easily make differently”